O-VYCH01: RRP $250.00

VGA/Component to HDMI Upscaler 720P/1080P with USB playback. Scales general PC resolutions to HDMI 1080p/720p output. Scales general HD (480i ~ 1080p) resolutions to HDMI 1080p/720p output. Supports USB device connection(for playing movies or music etc.). Original Scaler button controls the output screen size. Auto detect YpbPr and PC input resolution format. High quality, state of the art motion adaptive de-interlacing for 480i and 1080i input. High quality scaling technology for progressive input resolutions. Includes: IR remote and 5VDC power supply.
Dimensions: 146mmx70mmx25mm.

O-HCVS01: RRP $195.00

HDMI to VGA auto scaler. Converts and scales HDMI 1080P to VGA 800x600@60Hz,1024x768@60Hz,1360x768@60Hz,1440x900@60Hz, 1024@60Hz,1680x1050@60Hz,1600x1200@60Hz,1920x1080@60Hz, 1920x1200@60Hz. Frame rate conversion from 50Hz up to 60Hz (PAL), or 60Hz up to 60Hz. Vertical temporal filter(VT) removes jaggy and other de-interlacing artifacts from normal video. Built-in DCTI/DLTI circuit for color/luminance transient improvement. OSD menu with adjustable VGA output resolution. Includes: 5VDC power supply.

O-HCHA02: RRP $150.00

HDMI-HDMI Audio Extractor. Output Audio: SPDIF, 3.5mm Stereo & Toslink. Includes: HDMI Audio Converter, DC 5V power supply, 3.5mm - 2 x RCA adaptor and Optical cable.
Dimensions: 70mmx76mmx20mm.

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